Everyone needs to feel appreciated.  It’s part of what drives us to continue on our path to greatness.

It was Staff Appreciation Week at my school this week and WOW, my school goes all out!  My CO, School Board, PTA, and administrators put real thought into what will make a difference, and they nailed it.  Lunch/dessert was supplied each day of the week.  We ate cheesecake, frozen yogurt, Subway, Chick-Fil-A, pizza and salad, and my favorite – a baked potato bar.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE food, and I didn’t have to pack a lunch every day – AWESOME BONUS!  On top of that, we were gifted with a sweatshirt with our school’s name and mascot (I know what I’m wearing on Fridays) and a schnazzy water bottle with our school’s name on it.  Plus, the cherry on top, every day was a jeans day.  COMFORT … FOOD … GREAT GIFTS … OH MY!

It’s so great to work for such an awesome school division.  Yes, they show genuine care during Staff Appreciation Week, but they also show genuine care throughout the rest of the school year.  They are involved, supportive, and encouraging every step of the way.  My county does it right.  It feels good to be appreciated.   I love my school!

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