Desktop Wallpaper Organizers for Teachers

EVERYTHING is better when it’s ORGANIZED and that includes your desktop screen!

Does your desktop look like mine did? Folders and files that I knew I needed to get to quickly or that were super important ALL OVER the screen? It can be chaos, and every time I looked at it I felt like such a mess. I had files I use at home, shortcuts and files for everything I need to get to quickly for school, and all the files and folders of all the things for Teaching and Learning in Mrs Gentry’s Class content. IT WAS A MESS and my eyes would begin to cross looking for the needed material. Am I alone?

It was definitely time to get it under control. So, I made these Calendar Desktop Wallpaper Organizers, and I hope they might be as helpful for you as they are for me!

Each month has a new beautiful image – for my mindset and serenity (I’ll take calm anywhere I can get it LOL) – and a monthly calendar, with three organizational, labeled boxes on the screen for you to keep your files in place. For me, it was a great starting point and reason to organize the files into folders and create shortcuts to get to groups of files, websites or software I use frequently, or even a place to keep the beloved desktop sticky note lists. Here’s a few of the wallpaper images for 2021 below for an example.

Each month comes with three options for images.

Option 1 includes labels for “Work, Daily, and Home”. Option 2 includes labels for “Work, Home, and To-Do”. The To-Do section is where those desktop sticky notes will go. Option 3 does not include labels. This one you can use blank, or upload the image to Powerpoint, Google Slides, or Canva in the size 1920×1080 px. Once the image is uploaded, add your own text labels to personalize the organization for your needs, and then download the new image as a new .PNG file to your device.

If you’re in the same boat I was, you know what a crazy mess your computer files can become. Opening my computer to work and finding a beautiful, organized, easily accessible screen has been a game-changer. I’m no longer telling my students, “Give me a second while I find this …”, and I’m no longer going cross-eyed while I do it!

If it’s time for you to get organized too, click here to grab this set of Calendar Desktop Wallpaper Organizers for your computer. for book and writing responses

I recently learned about this site in an email from my tech coaches. I knew I wanted to use it but didn’t have a legitimate reason to use it in my reading classroom. Today, however, when I introduced digital reading responses, specifically #booksnaps, it was the perfect site.

#Booksnaps – Do your students do a daily response to their independent reading? I’ve always used a variety of strategies (worksheets, post-its, reading journals, interactive notebooks) but have never found one that really excited my students, until today, using the site. I introduced Tara Martin’s #booksnaps to my readers using the Google apps options of Slides and Drawings. We began with a focus on our metacognition … what thoughts did you have while reading? I used our whole group informational texts that we’d analyzed throughout this week and had my students find a page, section, paragraph, etc. that affected their thinking the most. We followed the procedures for a typical #booksnap, which can be found here at Tara Martin’s site. However, instead of searching for emojis or using bitmojis (neither of which is completely appropriate for my students) I had my students take selfies of themselves using their webcams, trying to portray their emotions and feelings or thoughts while taking the picture. Then they used the site to remove the background from their selfie and they had their own little picture of themselves, ready to be added to their slide and turned into a real-life “selfmoji’ or inserted onto a new background that related to their reading using a new Google Slide. We downloaded the slides as a jpeg or png file to add to our #booksnaps.

My fourth graders were in! In our excitement we played around a bit. (It was one of those moments their excitement just needed to be let it before they could focus on their actual task.) I’ll admit, I created a “selfie” with the president and first lady, I went to the Super Bowl, and my students put their faces on athletes, past presidents, video game characters, and one even floated in a pool of gold coins. The excitement was a bit out of control, but the ideas and creativity were endless. When it came time to respond to our reading, students were also excited to find creative ways to show their thinking, and for a minute, I’m pretty sure my classroom was magic. Everyone was working, thinking, collaborating, and sharing their thoughts about their reading in a way that I’ve never seen them before. They were genuinely excited to talk about their books. My teacher heart left school full and excited for next week.

Here are a couple of the photos I made while playing around, and an example of what one of my students made.

Now, the possibilities are great for how we could use this website in our writing. My students are currently working on a research PBL about the planets. Guess what their next background will be?